8 Best Pajama Pant Patterns That are Trending Right Now!

There are a lot of pajama pants patterns that are available in the market these days however, only a few of them are trendy ones. The market is flocked with pajama patterns that will soon become outdated. To stay in the know of the latest trending pajama pant patterns, follow through the blog.

The Patterns of pajama pants are classified on the basis of designs, length, and cut style. The trending pajamas include printed and chequered pajamas that were recently worn by fashion celebrities like Zendaya, Selena Gomez, Selma Blair, Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, and more.


Below classified are the pajama patterns by designs of pants that are Printed, Chequered, Superhero, and Striped ones.

1. Printed Pajama Pants

The best part about the printed pajamas is that they can come in any fabric, be it silk or cotton or any mixed material. The queen of carrying every fashion trend effortlessly, Zendaya was also spotted wearing a printed, silk pajama suit in hot red color!

Floral printed pajamas are also an amazing pick. The top design in this category is that of matching pajamas for couples that have classy floral prints on them. The best colors to go for in this pajama pattern will be beige, black and baby pink.

printed pajamas

2. Chequered Pajamas

The checks have been in the pajama patterns scene for decades now and yet, people can never seem to have enough of it. It is safe to say that chequered pajamas are here to say and are not going out of trend anytime soon. It has been worn countless number of times by celebrities and has also been shown in a lot of movies. There is no special reason to give for these being in trend. Just into the classic gingham to make a style statement.

3. Superhero Pajamas

The superhero pajamas are the latest fad for the gen-z and younger generations as this is the generation of superhero fanatics. Be it girls or boys, superhero pajamas have been taking over, especially the onesies that have replaced the C in costume for comfort. The most lovable superheroes for pajamas are Batman pajamas and Spiderman pajamas!

superhero pajamas

4. Striped Pajama Pattern

For some reason, striped pajamas always seem very chic and classy. The striped pattern of pajama pants have 2 categories of vertical stripes and horizontal stripes. And when we talk about chic pajamas pant patterns, it is about vertical stripes only. Elle Fanning’s minimalistic striped pajamas with Zephyr pink pants were sporting minimalistic vertical stripes. We also saw Emma Roberts sporting the really cool striped pajamas. Horizontal stripes are out of trend right now. However, there are speculations that it might make a comeback so stay tuned.

celebs in striped pajama pants

Another trend that grew over the holidays was that of family pajamas and striped pajamas look good on everyone, trust me. Get matching family PJs in stripes or checks and get posting on Instagram and watch them blow up with likes and comments!

Lengthwise Pajama Pant Patterns

When we classify the pajama pants pattern on the basis of lengths, only a few lengths are still in trend these days. Gone are the days of 3/4th length pajama pants and knee length pajama pants. It is now either short or long. There is no in-between.

1. Short

The short length pajama pant pattern is equally popular among boys as it is among girls. The short floral pajamas sported by Yara Shahidi, Cindy Crawford and Reese Witherspoon in quarantine got all of the social media talking about these super cute and comfy short pajama pants as an up and coming pattern.

The short pajama pants in trend include the sweat pants and the satin ones as well. It is important that if the pant pattern is short in sweat pants, that you wear an oversized sweatshirt over it. If you go with satin, the short pajamas should be paired with loose sleeved and collared satin shirts. Selena Gomez was spotted wearing this style in all black at an after party in 2019.

pajama pants pattern

2. Long

The long pajama pants have been there for the longest time and will stay in trend for the longest time as well. The long pajamas have been making it to the fashion magazine headlines for quite some time. They have been sported at fashion events, award functions and red carpets by many celebrities like Gigi Hadid, Selena Gomez, Madonna, Rihanna and so many A-listers!

Apart from the fashion scene, these are the most comfortable in winters. Especially during Christmas, it has become primary to wear matching Xmas PJs for the whole family! Celebrities like Reese Witherspoon, Usain Bolt, Steph Curry and Jessica Simpson make sure that their whole family is in the Christmas spirits by wearing matching full length Christmas pajamas.

long pajamas


Cut Style

The cutting style in every clothing is what makes each one different. Because if we see it in a way, everything is either a top or a bottom. It is the cutting that makes all the difference. Bottoms and pajamas when cut differently and the sewn together, they make it all amazingly different and fashionable.

1. Straight Cut Pajama Pants

Pajama pants with straight cutting at the bottom provide you with enough comfort for air to move around and at the same time give a breezy look. Straight cut pajama pants have been used a lot for airport looks. And whatever is an airport look, is a trend. We don’t make the rules.

2. Palazzo Pajama Pants

These extra flared at the bottom pajamas are the best thing to happen to the pajama pants in the past few years. It has changed the way most nightwear looks and made it more stylish. Pajama pants were never equal parts stylish and comfortable before this trend. Remember Emma Robert’s Instagram post? That’s what we are talking about!

pajama patterns

Stay tuned to our blog to follow the latest pajama trends and more.

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